May 27, 2023

A student completed his/her graduate in any country or local place, but person dream is to study in international country they want graduate student loans for international students  with low interest rate easy get loan and with requirement for applying loan and which bank is good for student know it.

Before applying loan you need to know some thing that, first in which country you need to study or in which international country you stay for future study  depend upon that, which entrance exam you applied or scholarship or education loan in international bank or local bank.

Graduate student loans for international students cover the airfare, tuition fees, living cost,book cost and other expenses will cover in loan, while individual get loan for higher studies, like this course get faster approval in loan i’e MBA, M.Tech, MCA, Other P.hD Course

Graduate Student Loans For International Students

With example we know that how it work, if you born in India you completed your studies from 1-12th in India after you wish that studies in USA,UK,FR,CA, and other country, you need the student loan for abroad  studies course like Engineering B.Tech other specilisation in subject. In the Engineering or B.Tech course are more demand course in abroad get high paying salary with top company will provides job for student’s.

And example if you are not applied loan in your local country but you stay in USA you want to apply graduate student loan in usa you must and should follow the rule and regulation before applying it. Limited number bank will give the international student loan with higher requirement and other things.

How to apply Graduate Loans for International Student

We are considering 5 country where top 5 university is present, In that you wish to study for gradation course, before living our country try to apply education loan, if it not possible you will try to apply the international student loan. In international education loan require cosigner for repaying loan if you not paid you loan on correct time they will ask your cosigner for repayment.

Cosigner :  Cosigner is person where his/her lived at least 2-3 year in country with good  credit score. Where cosigner may be your friend or relative or other person living in that country or permanent citizen takes a responsibility for repaying your loan.

For apply international student loan for education you need your admission college seat details whether your seat is confirmed or not, and your cosigner with good credit score and other document like passport visa and which country you belong that details , etc. If you don’t have any cosigner or you can’t arrange cosigner mean you need no cosigner loan is available.

Interest  :  Interest amount will charged with you borrow amount with addition amount by lender. And interest will calculate based on you borrowed amount +margin in that additional percentage of interest will add based on creditworthiness and also depend how many year you take loan. This two are most common used method for finding interest rate for international student loan are Prime Interest Rate, LIBOR.

  1. Prime Interest Rate : In this interest rate and amount amount will set by US Federal Reserve.
  2. LIBOR : The LIBOR(London Interbank Offer Rate) is based on british bank group and it is used in London interbank market. The rate is considering average compare to world with creditworthy bank and also deposit rate in interbank in one year term only.

When your loan application in verification process bank loan officer tell that this index plan uses for loan, and you want more money require for education uses in that additional margin is added to index, and depend on credit history or creditworthiness on that additional interest rate will added to index total interest will show to you. And after that application approved bank officer will show a form where all margin and how much interest will add to index, in last process you want to accept or reject that loan.

Repayment : When we applying loan that time bank officer will tell which repayment option you prefer. When you are studying your not able repay the loan at that time you will set time, when you start repaying loan how much amount how many year to complete your loan. Loan period many be in range 5-25year. If you have larger loan amount you repaying time will increase. And certain plan you set for repayment of loan are.

  1. Full Deferral : In this plan student can be repayment will start after his/her graduation complete after 6month (4year+6month extra from bank)
  2. Interest Only : In This plan you can pay only interest amount in you study time, after completion of your study you should pay original amount or borrowed amount and addition time will give bank i’e 45day’s extra for full amount repayment.
  3. Immediate Repayment : After loan period is over student will pay immediately principal amount with total interest with 1week of time.

Bank List For International Student Loan

Graduate student loans for international students will provide some bank that issue you loan with cosigner or without cosigner and how much interest rate they will provide for international student.

With Cosigner Loan Provider

Bank/Provide Name Min Credit Score Fixed APR Varible APR
Discover Undergraduate and Graduate Student Loans Does not disclose 5.49-15.99% 4.74-15.59%
LendKey Private Student Loan 660 3.99-10.32% 4.36-10.24%
Sallie Mae Private Student Loan Mid-600’s
Ascent Credit-based Student Loan Varies 4.62-15.66 4.72-13.73
Earnest Private Student Loan 650 3.99-12.78%







Without Co-signer Loan Provides Name

Bank/Provide Name Min Credit Score Fixed APR Varible APR
MPOWER Private Student loan N/A 7.52-13.63% N/A
Prodigy Private Student Loan N/A N/A 9.54-13.23%
Conclusion :

We cover Graduate student loans for international students with interest rate which plan uses bank or lender and also loan with cosigner provide name and student loan without cosigner provider name.


With Cosigner Loan Provide for International Student

LendKey Private Student Loan,Discover Undergraduate and Graduate Student Loans this are the cosigner loan provider

Without Cosigner Loan Provider Name

Prodigy Private Student Loan,MPOWER Private Student loan this are two international student loan provider.

  1. How Much Credit Score Require for International Student Relative or Friend

    It Can varies but Min is 600 for applying loan

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