LIVE Karnataka PGCET Answer Key 2022 is released in check in kea.kar.nic in and Answer key of MBA M.Tech and MCA download pdf of answer key of and PGCET M.Tech Civil, Mechanical and other 10+ answer key is available here.

Today i’e 30-11-22  all answer key is released in official site that is, now we are taking civil paper answer key for you some problem happen answer key we check that and we taken correct ans for you and question with answer are given below

Karnataka PGCET Civil Answer Key 2022

We check that answer key of civil paper i’e A1 is correct and you refer or we are providing below with correct question with ans also B1 to D2 there is problem with ans key all B2 to D2 are answer key is wrong now check how many answer were correct on you answer paper.

here is a1 paper answer key check it civil A1 paper answer key

Civil Question And Answer PGCET 2022

B1 Question Paper with Answer

1. For geometric design of highways from cumulative speed distribution curve use
Ans : 98th percentile speed

2. Runway saturation is observed
Ans : When runway is loaded to full capacity

3. Roughness of road can be measured using
Ans: Bump integrator

4. When cement concrete road is loaded at the corner the critical combination of stress is
Ans : Load stress + warping stress + frictional stress

5. Standard Project Flood (SPF) of the project is
Ans : The flood that would result from severe combination of meMeteorological and hydrological factor are reasonably applicable to region

6. Four rain gauges in a catchment are so located that each of the rain gauge has Thiessen’s weight 0.25 If the annual rainfall recorded ina particular year is 132, 114, 162 & 138 cm in these gauges, the
Ans: 136.5Cm

7. At the head of a canal 12 cumecs of water is released. Before  reaching the land 25%  of loss occurred in irrigated is the transit of canal. If the duty at the field is 1250 ha/cumec the area that can be irrigated is
Ans: 11250ha

8. An unlined irrigation channel has to carry a full supply discharge of 10 cumecs. Assuming Lacey’s silt factor as 0.9 the velocity in channel is
Ans: .62m/s

9. The Kor period and Kor depth of a particular crop under a distributary is 2.5 weeks and 19cm respectively. The outlet factor of the distributary is
Ans: 796ha/cumec

10. When the reservoir is full the maximum compression stress in a gravity dam will be produced at
Ans : The Toe

11. The maximum shear stress in simple tension (or compression) will be
Ans: Equal to one-half the applied stress and act on planes at 45° to it

12. Point of contraflexure in a beam is
Ans: A point where bending moment changes its sign and bending moment is zero

Check all question & answer civil paper 2022

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